Fall and Spring Paddle Tours are a great way to experience the quiet waterways that thread New England.

Winter Paddle Tours let you experience the beauty of New England waters in conditions few have witnessed.


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In the past, standup paddleboarding and kayaking have been restricted to the "paddling season", mostly July and August.  Last year, we changed that. Through guided paddle tours and wetsuit rentals, we were able to offer "off-season paddling", or as we like to call it, "paddling" . As the weather and water turn colder, we continue to get out there several times a week. During the week, we'll launch our tours from our Beverly location, and depending on conditions, will explore the Danvers River, Salem Harbor, or Beverly coastline. On the weekends, we'll hit the road and explore some of our other favorite spots to paddle, from inland lakes and rivers to coastal salt marshes and estuaries. Wetsuits or drysuits are required for all of our tours from November to May, but we have rental wetsuits, booties, and gloves available, so all you have to do is bring your sense of adventure, coffee mug, and join us for some of the most memorable paddling you'll ever experience!

Fall, Winter, and Spring Paddle Tours 

Kayak/Standup Paddleboard Tours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays 10am-12pm
$45/ person
$20/wetsuit rental (includes wetsuit, booties, and gloves)

Discovery Paddle Tours: Saturdays 10am 
Tour locations and times are announced on our social media, Events page, and email list. 
$20/wetsuit rental (includes wetsuit, booties, and gloves)