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Salem Kiosk- Salem Willows Park

To say we're happiest at the Willows is no exaggeration. (And it's not just because of the popcorn , though that doesn't hurt.) Designated a public park in 1858 and turned into an amusement park in 1880, this stunning ocean-side park featured boat slides, rollerskating rinks, and a casino. In it's hay day, the park drew as many as 10,000 visitors, many drawn by famous singers such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Louis Armstrong.

Today, the Willows is still a charming, beautiful ocean-side park, offering food, entertainment, and, of course, paddling, to park-goers from all over Massachusetts. Come see why we think the Willows is one of the best places to paddle on the North Shore!-0

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Beverly Kiosk- Independence Park

Lest it seem we play favorites, let us tell you why we also love Independence Park in Beverly. The sandy beach and protective cove make it a great place to launch boards and kayaks, but it's the residents and visitors that frequent the park that make us proud to call this home. Nearly four years ago we dropped off our first rental here, and since then have been welcomed by the regular beach-goers.

Now as we look forward to our fifth season here, we're proud to say we've introduced thousands of people to paddling on this little known gem of a beach, know every rock on the way to the water, and have come to call the regular beach-goers and neighbors our friends and look forward to greeting them as each summer season rolls around. And now with a weekend kiosk set up just feet from where John Glover first read aloud the Declaration of Independence, and where a group of militia successfully defended a naval attack by a British Warship, we couldn't be more proud of our local neighborhood beach!

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