*Prices listed are for both standup paddleboard and kayak lessons
**Privates lessons and Happy Paddle Packages are scheduled according to your availability. Scheduled group classes are Sundays at 4pm, Mondays at 6pm, and Fridays at 8:30am. Reservations are required. 

A kayak or stand up paddle board lesson is a great way to jump start a lifetime of paddling.  If you’re new to paddling, let a qualified instructor show you the basic techniques for getting on a paddle board or in a kayak. Emphasis in these lessons is placed on proper technique, safety, and efficiency, so you can get the most out of your time on the water.

For paddlers who have already mastered the basics, a lesson is a great way to leap-frog your skills, so you can paddle further up the coast, or to that island you’ve dreamed of reaching.

Each lesson is customized to the skill level and needs of the individual paddler. Listed below are just a few examples of the things you can learn on a paddle board or kayak.

Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Proper forward stroke technique, emphasizing using your entire core to help drive your board through the water.
  • Understand the principle of "planting your paddle" and pulling your board past it, rather than moving the blade through the water. 
  • Maneuver your board with sweep strokes and pivot turns, focusing on proper blade and shaft angles as well as how to keep balanced when moving around on the board.
  • Strategies for paddling against headwinds or strong currents, so that you can take to the water in a variety of conditions.


  • Proper forward stroke technique, emphasizing using the larger muscle groups of the body and proper feathering so you can kayak for longer without fatigue.
  • Assisted rescues and self rescues in the event of a capsize, allowing you to safely manage situations that occasionally occur on the water.
  • Learn to control the kayak from the cockpit through edge control, paddle strokes, and bracing, allowing you to efficiently and safely reach your paddling destination.