Check Out Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions Below!

Q: What should I wear?
A: Anything you are comfortable (potentially) getting wet. Most people choose to wear either just a swim suit, board shorts, or active wear, such as shorts and a tanktop or t-shirt

Q:Are there sharks?!
A: We've yet to see any, and hear they really like to summer on the Cape :). However, we can assure you that if a shark is spotted, Aaron will not set foot near the water ever again- so if he's paddling, you're good to go. 

Q:Am I going to fall in?
A: We tell people to prepare to fall in, but it's really 50/50 for first-timers. On nice hot days, you'll want to jump in anyway; that's half the fun :)  

Q:Do I need to have really good balance?
A: The boards are a lot more stable than most people think. There's no prerequisite to be a triple-certified yoga-instructor.  

Q: Where should I paddle?
A: Generally, we send paddlers in the protected waters of Beverly Harbor. However, where you should paddle is largely dependent on the wind and tide on any given day. We will give you suggestions each time you paddle based on current conditions, so you'll have no worries about getting lost or needing deep sea rescues. 

Q: Should I wear shoes? 
A: Most people choose to go barefoot while on the board, but we do recommend wearing a flip flop or water shoe to protect your feet while walking to the water over rocks or shells. You are more than welcome to wear shoes while on the board, or you can stash them under the deck bungees. 

Q: Can my kids paddle with me? 
A: Kids ages seven and up can paddle a kids board by themselves, as long as they are able to swim without assistance. If you have a younger child, we do allow parents to take kids ages 3-6 on the front of the board. Always let us know when you plan to do this so we can give you the appropriate board and life jackets. 

Q: Can I bring my dog? 
A: Absolutely! Just let us know when you book your reservation so we can give you the appropriate board (not all boards are dog friendly). We do not provide life jackets for your paddling pup, but recommend you have one for them. 

Q: Do I have to have paddle experience to take a fitness class? 
A: No, but it is recommended. We find people are able to enjoy and participate in the fitness class more having already been comfortable on a board (even if just once or twice). 

Q:Which is better, Beverly or Salem? 
A: They're both great, and provide very different paddling experiences despite being only a half-mile from each other. Beverly provides a larger protected cove, while Salem offers the chance to explore an intricate, rocky coastline. We recommend trying both! 

Q: Where do I pick up the board/kayak? 
A: In Beverly, we provide drop-off service, and in Salem we have a rental kiosk located right at Salem Willows, 167 Fort Ave. To find the kiosk, keep the arcade on your right and head toward the pier. We'll be the ones with all the kayaks and paddleboards :). 

Q: Do I need prior experience before renting a kayak? 
A: We have a fleet of sit on top kayaks at our Salem Kiosk that are perfect for first time kayakers. If you're looking to rent a touring/sea kayak, we ask that you have prior self-rescue experience in the event of a capsize. We offer rescue clinics and private lessons for paddlers looking to get a little deeper into kayaking. 

Q: Do I need to wear a life jacket? 
A: Yes. Whether paddleboarding or kayaking, we have very comfortable life jackets. Most people forget they're wearing them by the end of their paddle and have to be reminded to give them back :). 

Q: How cold is the water? 
A: Pretty darn cold. 

Q: Are there strong currents?
A: While we do experience some currents due to the tides, these are largely experienced in the boat channel, which we don't recommend crossing unless you have paddling experience. What most people experience as currents are associated with the wind, which we will give you plenty of knowledge about before launching.  

Q: What else do I need to bring with me?
A: It's a great idea to bring water and sunscreen, as well as a snack if you will be out for multiple hours. Other than that, keep a towel in your car for when you're done, and enjoy the simplicity of being on the water. 

Q: Should I bring my cell phone with me?
A: We recommend not bringing one, but recognize that many paddlers may want to bring it to take pictures. (You can tweet, snap, insta, and facebook once back on dry land :) ) If you do choose to bring one, you definitely want to put it in a waterproof case (we sell them at the shop). 

Q: How early/late can I paddle? 
A: While our retail shop is open 10-6, our rentals are open sunrise to sunset. Just make sure if you're going to rent outside of our shop hours that you let us know at least 12 hours in advance so we can be prepared for you! (Sunrise is a beautiful time to paddle!)

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