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Kayak Rescue Skills Clinic

Sea kayaking is a fun and exciting sport, and a great way to explore your local coastline, harbor, or bay. However, there are important skills that need to be developed in order to manage risk and allow for a safe and fun experience. 

Though modern kayak designs offer a blend of stability and speed, there is still the risk that a kayak might flip over, even on relatively calm days. In the event of a capsize, it's important to know how to exit the kayak, empty it of water, and re-enter the kayak quickly and efficiently. If you plan on paddling away from the coast, where swimming to shore is not an option, these skills are crucial to returning safely. 

During the kayak rescue skills clinic, we will cover, as time allows: 

two-person T-rescues
two-person eskimo rescues
self-rescues (assisted)
self-rescues (unassisted)

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