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Spring Paddle Discovery Tours- Ipswich River

Ask us where our favorite place to paddle away from the ocean and we're bound to say the Ipswich River. We love taking paddlers to explore the river, whose true beauty can only be glimpsed from the roads as you drive by. 

The ice is melted, and with water levels high, it's a great time to get on the river and see all it has to offer! 

Spring is such an amazing time to paddle, and with less boat traffic and more open access to the water, it's a great time to get out and explore the waterways we live near! Each week, we'll paddle a different location so that paddlers can learn about all of the awesome places we love to explore! From inland rivers and lakes (when ice permits), to tidal estuaries, dynamic coastlines, and open water paddles to islands, we'll have a beautiful winter on the water kayaking or paddleboarding on all the North Shore has to offer! 


We'll plan on announcing each week's location the Monday before, based on the forecast for wind, tide, and temps. Since we live in New England and these forecasts have a tendency to change, all plans are subject to change, but with so many great options, we're sure you won't be disappointed even if we have to switch it up! These paddles are open to all levels, so sign up and we'll see you on the water! 

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