What is a gear exchange?

You hear us say it often: The more people are engaged in nature, the more they'll love it, and the more they love it, the more they'll want to protect and conserve it. With this simple lesson in mind, we encourage people to get outdoors, try a new activity, explore a new place, and find their own adventure. 

Unfortunately, all of this adventuring comes with its own environmental costs. Every year, countless pieces of new equipment and gear are produced while countless used pieces are tossed in landfills. Our goal with the Adventure Gear Exchange is to make a positive change by reducing how much gear ends up in landfills, which then reduces how much new equipment is produced. 

How do we do this? We take your gently used or new gear and readventure it: We sell your gear in our shop to someone looking for exactly what you have! Once it sells, we write you a check for a percentage of the selling price, and you either take the money and run or turn it around as store credit to readventure some gear for yourself. 

Here's how it works

Go through your basement, your attic, your garage, your friend's garage, your parents' attic, your neighbor's basement-really anywhere you might have stashed gear that you either bought with good intention but never used, or used often but eventually outgrew or updated. Then:

-Dust it off, clean it up, and bring it to our shop. 
-We'll work with you to choose a price that's attractive for both you and our customers.
-We sell it in our showroom, directing customers to your gear and marketing select items on our social media platforms. 
-Once your item sells, come pick up your check. The more your gear is worth, the higher a percentage you take home. 
-Leave with the money, or turn it around for store credit. When used as store credit, your percentage increases. 
-Tell all of your friends about how you just made money while getting rid of clutter and helping the environment! 
-If you used store credit to get gear for yourself, head out on your adventure, post about it, and use the hashtag #readventure. 

That's it- we do the work, you get paid. Easy right? So why are you still reading this? Go start hunting for gear! :) 

Some things to keep in mind

The goal with the gear exchange is to keep adventure gear out in the field instead of gathering dust in a basement. With that, much of the gear in the shop will have small scrapes, scratches, bumps, and dings. These all make up part of the story of where the gear has been. Having said that, the better the condition your gear is in, the more likely it is to sell. 

Spending 10-15 minutes wiping down your gear, tightening a loose bolt, or replacing torn laces can make a big difference to a customer looking for gear. When looking at your gear to sell, look at it from the buyer's perspective, and see if there are little touches you can make to help the gear sell fast and at an optimum price. 

Part of the magic behind used gear is the stories that come with it. At the Adventure Gear Exchange, we want to share those stories with other adventure seekers. If you have a spare few minutes to write down a short paragraph about a memory you made with your gear, it goes a long way toward helping people connect with the gear and want to take it home for readventure. 

At Coast to Coast Paddle and the Adventure Gear Exchange, we believe you should:

Follow your heart,
Follows your dreams,
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